A complete guide on how to set up your OnlyFans profile (for the best possible revenue)

May 22, 2023

There are (according to OnlyFans) over 2 Million+ creators on the platform. We show you how to stand out next to your competition.

There are (according to OnlyFans) over 2 Million+ creators on the platform. In order to stand out and to get ahead of your competition, the first thing you need to focus on is the right profile setup. 

Since your potential subscribers have to decide whether to subscribe or not based on their first impression of the profile, you need to optimize certain parameters in order to boost your conversion and to increase the amount of money the subscriber is willing to spend.

A good profile will make the difference between a few hundred subscribers and a few thousand per day.

The "80/20" rule

You may be familiar with the Pareto principle that says „…roughly 80% of consequences come from 20% of causes…“.

There are a lot of things we can change and implement on the profile, but if you do the important 20% correctly, your conversion will exponentially grow to a point where „low-traffic“ may never be a problem again.

Your profile picture, your header and your bio will exactly do these important 20% of the job.

The Bio

Depending on the branding and following of the model, there are a lot of possibilities that can be done, but here are a few basic „rules“ you should try to follow:

1.Don’t be greedy

As long as you are not a superstar, don’t get too selly in the bio. Tip menus & too much CTAs will make the (potential) subscriber less interested you, since he just sees you as a business now, and not as a cute girl that wants to have fun.

Of course there are exceptions. If you have 5 Million followers and you are super famous, tip menus can make sense, since the subscribers won’t really expect an authentic and shy girl. However, in our experience, the authentic/shy angle works even better with A-level celebrities. 


The business has changed a lot and so have the „brandings“. A lot of models display a certain job, character trait or image on social media in order to garner attention. If thats the case, you want to implement it in your profile. It shouldn’t destroy the image that the fans already have of you.


If a girl is acting like she is a „Gym-girl“ on social media, and a lot of content is based around this hobby, a few references about her hobby will make the subscriber see her as a real girl with real hobbies, amongst all those „fake girls on OnlyFans who just want to make money“.

You’ll make it exceptionally more likely for him to fall in love with the girl and spend way more money on her.


The whole internet is full of porn and unauthentic sexuality. The reason why men go on OnlyFans is not to simply jerk off. If that was the case, they would go on any porn site and get all the content for free.

But they wont do that, they want a real and authentic sexual experience, and thats what you want to display.

Now, there is a fine line between TOO MUCH sexuality, that makes you look like a sex-bot, and TOO LITTLE sexuality that won’t get the subscriber in a horny mood where he is desperate to subscribe. You will have to try it out and track your conversion rate in order to see what works and why.

Profile pic & Header

The visual display of you can either strongly affect your revenue in a positive way or it can destroy your conversion completely.

What you wanna do is:

A) Focus on the strengths of the model. She has a beautiful smile? Make sure she is smiling in the profile picture. She has big breasts? Let her wear a bikini in the header and show them as a main focus. 

If the header for example is not aesthetic and sexually arousing at all, the subscriber will hesitate to even pay the subscription price.

B) Try to be outstanding. Search for 50 OnlyFans Models and look at their profile. See what they all do and try to understand why. Then, if you completed the research, you can now find ways to NOT look like every other model on this platform. It’s very important to understand your competition in order to get ahead. 

The right software

Since every big player in this industry is already using an OnlyFans software, it’s time for you to not to be lapped. 

With the right software, you are able to fix problems that you may never even hear of. 

In order to get professional and to reach new all-time-highs, you won’t be able to avoid using the right software.

Let it be the automatic renewals of the offers, a constant overview over the important statistics such as your conversion or your profile visitors.

There are a few softwares out there like Supercreator of Infloww. The main problem you will be facing is that by using these softwares, you are very likely to get the OnlyFans account banned since they are violating the terms of service of OnlyFans itself.

Thats why we focused on creating a software that is 100% safe, and will never result in a ban ever, while simultaneously providing every feature that you need in order to skyrocket your revenue.

See what the CreatorHero software is capable of, and why 17 out of the 50 most successful OnlyFans creators are already using it.

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