4 mistakes that currently sabotage your OnlyFans revenue

May 22, 2023

We will help you to spot your current mistakes make more money with just one blog. Enjoy reading!

Everyone has their own strategy when it comes to earning money on OnlyFans. But there are some major mistakes that we see everyday, which are directly sabotaging the potential income of the model/ the agency.

You rely on luck to go viral

Whatever platform you choose to garner attention and get users to subscribe to your OnlyFans, you have to strategically go viral in order to compete with other models.

What do we mean by this?

A lot of the time, a random Tiktok, a random tweet or a random event goes viral and gets a lot of attention. With this occurrence, the revenue obviously skyrockets, but when the attention gets lost and the revenue goes back, you are at the same place as before, just with a bit more money in the bank.

What you wanna create is a setup, where you can control if you go viral, and you get viral content every single day.


In order to create such a setup, the first thing you need to do is to track every data there is on your social media sites. How many views, followers, likes, link-clicks do you do per day? How much per week?

Then you can analyze, what patterns the data might have.

„On 3 days in a row we did  40% more views, on those exact days the girl wore a special leggins“

Now you know what goes viral (a special leggins for example) and you can implement it in the next 10 videos. 

You see, this was just an example. Once you have a good overview over all your processes, you can optimize them to the fullest.

Your chatting is not congruent

The reason why the subscriber isn’t on PornHub or a Cam-girl-site right now, is because he doesn’t just want to jerk off quickly. What he searches for is:

-A woman who seems like she is satisfied with what he does

-A pretty girl who has honest and real interests in him

-A real sexual experience

He just wants a fun time that feels real and authentic to him.

And still, a lot of models/ chatters text like a sexrobot who just wants money.

Time, to bring in REAL feelings, REAL lust and a REAL girly vibe. Let your chatters text with some typos, let them do smalltalk, let them show „real“ emotions sometimes.

Also, if the model has some kind of special characteristics as a branding (for example: she is from Texas), let her wording be congruent with her branding. She is from Texas? Use the word „howdy“ a few times. She is a „gamer girl“? Let her reference some memes or video games.

With simple cheat codes like this, your fans interest in spending money will increase way higher than you might expect. Also, they will stay with you longterm - but thats the next point.

You are not keeping your fans longterm 

What you are possibly doing wrong, is you are not viewing you’re subscribers as long term investments. In our experience, the average subscriber will spend more money if he gets the feeling that the model cares about him and that she is not only with him to get his money.

How do you create this feeling?

The most important thing is updating your feed, ideally every 1-2 days. Upload pictures & videos that are high quality and that satisfy the subscriber. You need to show a bit more of the models body sometimes, if you only upload bikini pictures that he could see on instagram, he will feel scammed and cancel his subscription after a few days.

You can send out some free gifts sometimes. That way, you not only let the subscriber feel cared about and happy, you also get him to open your chat more and engage with you. Even if you are just sending out PPVs without any personal chatting, its always necessary to have a lot of subscribers at least opening your chat, otherwise you won’t even get the chance to sell them something.

You are not ahead of your competition

This is by far the worst mistake we see on a daily basis. The majority of your subscribers are not only subscribed to you, they are subscribed to 10 different girls at least. And they have to decide on which girl to spend their money on on a daily basis. If you are not outcompeting the other 9 OnlyFans creators, you will lose more and more money.

The other creators are updating their profile picture and header regularly so they stand out.

The other creators are strategically improving their sales tactics.

The other creators are using the right software to skyrocket they’re revenue.

You need to become the best in order to make the most amount of money.

If you read until here, you are clearly interested on how to expand your business and make more money. We obviously cant put every single information in one blog post. So we put our 3+ years of experience in the only fans industry into one ebook, and you can download it for free here!

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